The Magical Helpdesk Aura

This page is dedicated to the myth surrounding the Magical Helpdesk Aura.
The Magical Helpdesk Aura was created by yours truly. And I am the keeper of same.
For folks that work at a helpdesk, here is the myth and legend behind the MHA.
It started when I first began to work at a helpdesk at the The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. All the people had to do was call into our helpdesk and speak with me or one of the other folks and their problems would be fixed.
For example, if you get a call from a customer and while they are on the line they say, "ohh, never mind, my problem's fixed." That is a perfect example of the Magical Helpdesk Aura.
This aura has traveled with me to my adventures at TVA.
I was involved in a project to update 6000 pc's to Win95 at TVA. The Magical Helpdesk Aura saved me many a day.
Now I work at ICX Online where I had to teach the techs here about the MHA. The first call I had where someone's problem was fixed even before I got to say, "hello" I brought up the MHA. You should have seen heads turn. I then had to explain the myth behind the legend.
So the next time you get a call from a customer and their problem gets fixed without your help, just say, "Oh that was the Magical Helpdesk Aura at work again." Just don't forget to give me credit!

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