Robert T. Werner, Jr.


2064 Deerfield Circle · New Market, TN 37820-3114 ·

(865) 475-2584 Work: (865) 632-3006 Cell: (865) 924-5387 email:




To obtain a responsible computing and/or teaching position.




Managing DOS, Windows NT, 95 and 3.x workgroups in a network environment with operation knowledge of TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, SMS, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Word Perfect, Eudora, FTP, Telnet, Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Outlook, IMAP, Pine, Pico, UNIX, VAX and the Remedy and Vantive tracking systems. Possess a Class A CDL.



GTSI Chantilly, VirginiA 12/8/03 - Present

System Engineer

Repair desktop computers, laptops and printers at TVA Knoxville and its surrounding facilities.


Zycron Computers, Inc. Nashville, Tennessee. 10/22/01 – 10/24/03

Desktop Support Specialist

10/7/02–10/24/03 Worked TVA time and materials tickets which involved PC, Laptop and printer repair.

10/22/01–10/4/02 Assisted with conversion of desktop computers to the Windows XP environment at the Tennessee Valley Authority in Knoxville, Tennessee. This included knowledge of hardware and software upgrades. Also work on personal computer issues relating to normal business.



IT Solutions, Lenoir City, Tennessee. 4/16/01 – 10/19/01

Call Center Manager

Establish and maintain a call center for a 150 user ISP. Create procedures and policies for same. Support eight on-site business contracts. Provide technical classes for employees and customers. Also assist with hardware repair. Establish and support a linux slackware DNS caching server.


ICX Online, Inc; Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 2/99-4/13/01

Corporate Support Specialist 12/99 – 4/13/01

Provided high level technical support to corporations that had internet connections within the Durocom network. This included troubleshooting routing issues, email issues, and web page hosting issues using linux nmap, ping, traceroute and telnet commands. Also assisted with monitoring of the Durocom network backbone.

Lead Technical Support Analyst. 2/99–11/99

Provided detailed telephone support to the customers of ICX. This included support on TCP/IP, PPP and modem connectivity issues. Also included support on FTP, E-mail and general web related questions. Distributed incoming trouble tickets. Assisted with training of new employees.

University of Tennessee, Knoxville  4/97–1/99.

Computer Information Specialist

Provided detailed telephone support to the students, faculty and staff of the university. This included support on UNIX, HTML, Eudora, FTP, Telnet, Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Outlook, IMAP, Pine, and Pico. Contributed to internal documentation. Windows NT administrator.


AeroTek; Knoxville, Tennessee  6/96-3/97.

Computing Consultant. 3/97.

Provided detailed telephone support to the employees of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Included support on Exchange, Windows 95, NT, Internet, Intranet and Onnet 32 software.

Computer Specialist. 6/96-2/97.

Worked on the Office Systems Transition Project at the Tennessee Valley Authority to convert 6000 personal computing desktops to the Windows 95 environment. This involved evaluating, updating and configuring PC hardware and software for integration with Microsoft, Novell and UNIX operating environments and configuration of 3com 3C509, 3C503, Cabletron, and PCMCIA network interface cards. Extensive work with Dell Optiplex and EISA, Gateway 2000, Compaq and Toshiba personal computers.

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University of Tennessee, Knoxville  7/95 - 5/96.

Computing Consultant

Provided detailed telephone support to the students, faculty and staff of the university. This included personal computing hardware and software questions along with Internet, UNIX, VAX and AS/400 support. Developed an interactive web page for the Help Desk.


Carter Middle School, Strawberry Plains, Tennessee 8/94 - 6/95.

Computing Consultant and Student Teacher.

Setup and supported a Twenty-First Century classroom. Provided troubleshooting services to students and staff on microcomputer problems. Taught a seventh grade Social Studies class.


University of Tennessee, Knoxville 8/93 - 8/94

Computing Lab Assistant and Work-Study Student.

Student computing consultant in a statistical geography computing lab. Clerk in the Geography Department.



CCS Driving School, Fall branch tennessee 10/17/03 – 11/7/03

Completed truck driving training. Granted Class A CDL 11/7/03.


University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Masters of Science Degree in Education, 8/95. Graduated with a 4.0/4.0 GPA.

Bachelor of Arts Degree. 8/94. Major:  Geography; Minors:  History/Education.


Walter’s State Community College; Morristown, Tennessee.

Associate of Science Degree. 6/84. Major:  Computer Science.